Connecticut’s TEAM Program Fosters Excellence in Teaching

Connecticut's TEAM Program pic
Connecticut’s TEAM Program

Marion H. Martinez possesses more than three decades of experience in educational leadership and formerly served as associate commissioner for teaching, learning, and instructional leadership with the Connecticut State Department of Education. Within the Education Department, Marion H. Martinez oversaw the Bureau of Certification, Teaching & Learning and School Improvement/Accountability.

In the Bureau of Certification an induction program was established in October 2009. TEAM provides the mentorship and professional development support necessary for new educators to achieve success. The program promotes the concept that learning to teach is a developmental process that continues throughout a teacher’s career. It advocates for a lifelong commitment to ongoing professional learning through a growth model that incorporates the Connecticut Standards for Professional Learning.

TEAM also offers novice teachers numerous opportunities to analyze student data outcomes, reflect on their practices, and identify areas for growth and improvement. New teachers who participate in the program receive support and guidance from mentors as they work through modules that focus on the Common Core of Teaching domains: instruction, classroom environment, assessment, planning, and professional responsibility. Furthermore, teachers and mentors work together to develop a professional growth action plan.

For additional information on the TEAM program, visit


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