Common Core Standards Aim to Prepare Students to Succeed

Common Core Standards pic
Common Core Standards

Dr. Marion H. Martinez possesses in-depth experience as a school administrator on both the state- and district-levels having served in New York and Connecticut. The recipient of a doctorate in educational leadership from the University of Hartford, she most recently held the position of superintendent of schools for the Binghamton City School District in New York. As associate commissioner for teaching, learning and instructional leadership with the Connecticut State Department of Education, Dr. Marion H. Martinez served as the State lead for the Common Core State Standards.

The Common Core is a set of standards in language arts and math designed to prepare all students to become successful in college and in the job market. The standards delineate the content students should know and be able to do at each grade level.

It is the product of extensive collaboration amongst States with considerable teacher input. They realized the need for students to master shared bodies of knowledge regardless of the states in which they live. The Race to the Top competitive grant prompted adoption. Since adoption, some states have sought to revise the standards in order to provide greater efficiency and clarity.


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