Columbia University Program Supports Literacy Workshops

Columbia University pic
Columbia University

Dr. Marion H. Martinez has achieved success in a variety of educational leadership positions in Connecticut and New York. Most recently the superintendent of the Binghamton City School District, she wrote her doctoral dissertation on “Characteristics of Innovations: Principal’s and Teachers’ Perceptions of Early Intervention Reading Programs.” Dr. Marion H. Martinez has used her expertise in literacy to focus on reading and writing instruction. She was instrumental in intoducing Writer’s Workshop, based on Lucy Calkin’s work, to Clinton, East Hartford and Binghamton.

At Columbia University, the Reading and Writing Project (TCRWP) designs workshop-based programs to enrich literacy instruction in ways that benefit both students and instructors. Working with the goal of fostering reading, writing, and thinking skills, the project provides extensive support and ongoing research that has assisted thousands of educators.

Children’s literature professor Lucy Calkins began and oversees the project. Today, numerous educators attend the TCRWP continuing education institutes and other programs, which aim to provide an ongoing community for developing innovative ideas and best practices.


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