Book Boosts Skills, Confidence of Emerging Administrators

Barry Jentz

After building a career as an educator and public school administrator, Marion H. Martinez established Career Boost, LLC, in Clinton, Connecticut. As CEO of the firm, Marion H. Martinez draws on her years of experience in top-level administrative positions in the Binghamton City School District, East Hartford, Clinton and East Windsor to offer professional development seminars for new and aspiring administrators.

Among Dr. Martinez’s notable accomplishments as Binghamton superintendent was her implementation of a strategic plan that served as the blueprint for action in the district. It consisted of a district plan with school level plans for each school and program. It was against this plan that progress was measured.

Upon entering the district, she implemented her entry plan based upon the work of Barry Jentz, “The EntryPlan Approach: How to Begin a Leadership Position Successfully”. He espoused the importance of knowing the culture of the organization prior to making decisions. Entry planning consists of conducting a series of interviews with stakeholders to solicit their perceptions of the district along with their experiences.

Considerable focus was also on community. She strongly believed that the schools are part of the community and the community is part of the schools. Coffee hours were held regularly to solicit input, answer concerns and celebrate successes.


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